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Assoc. Prof. Murat TÜMÜKLÜ, MD


Academic Title
Associate Professor

Native Turkish

Ege University Faculty of Medicine Dept. of Cardiology, Izmir, 1997-2002
Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine (English), Ankara, 1988-1996

Scientific Activities
Evaluating The Risks Of Arrhythmia And Sudden Death Associated With Antipsychotic Drugs By Assessing The T Wave Abnormalities In The Holter Electrocardiogram, Vanderbilt Üniversitesi Psikofarmakoloji Bölümü Projesi, Assistant Researcher (2007-2008)
Comparison of Post-Dilution on-Line Hemodiafiltration and Hemodialysis (TURKISH HDF STUDY),Assistant Researcher (2006-2008)
Comparison of Four and Eight Hours Dialysis Sessions in Three times Weekly Hemodialysis: Long Dialysis Study; Assistant Researcher

Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance Imagining Level 3 (Instructor, director and operator level's) Vanderbilt Univercity Medical Center, Cardiovascular MRI Lab, Nashville Tennessee,USA
Cardiovascular Imaging In Computed Tomography Level 2 (director and operator level's) Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Vascular and Cardiac CT Program, Radiology Department, Nashville, Tennessee, USA