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Air gaps in the facial bones are called as sinus. Inflammation of sinus is called as “sinusitis.” Sinusitis is the infection or inflammation of sinus. It arises from excessive mucous secretion as a result of cold or an allergic attack. The fullness sense in face, headache and nose discharge is observed. It may result in pain in face, forehead, between or behind eyes, chins or upper teeth. If the inflammation is high, formation called as “polyp” may occur. 

Allergic Flu
The disorder progressing with the complaints of discharge, nose and eye itching, sneezing, throat itching as a result of contacting agents (allergen) leading to allergy with the nose mucosa is called as “Allergic flu”.  The reason is abnormal reaction against particles in air and in the nose by breathing. Hay fever, summer flu and allergic rhinitis (nasal inflammation) terms are used with synonymous with allergic flu.

Nose Bleeding
Nose bleeding can occur in two types of “front” and “rear nose bleeding.” Severe bleeding is observed in the back of nose and this bleeding should be followed. It is seen in elderly people due to hypertension. 

Nasal Bone Deviation
There is cartilage in front of the nose, bone structure at the back. Ideal nasal bone is the center of the face and right and left gap of the nose is located at the equal distance and of equal size. Nasal bone curvature arises from deformity of this structural appearance. During birth, curvature may occur due to hereditary or subsequent right, left shift or breaking. In a smooth nose, there may be bone deviation invisible in the internal side. Deviation can become clear in some patients to result in obstruction and also may be mild. 

Nasal Obstruction
Nasal obstruction leads to oral breathing. Dryness of mouth, odor and tasting disorder, sleeping problems affect the daily life adversely. Advanced nasal obstruction is a disease resulting in throat infections due to oral breathing, snoring, hypertension, low quality of sound and middle ear problems in children. For this reason, it should be treated.

Nasal Polyp
It occurs with inflammation of mucous membrane in sinus and nasal passage. Polyps can extent from nostrils to throat region. Such formations may lead to blocking of nasal passage. After nasal polyps are eliminated by medical treatment and surgical intervention, it may enlarge again. They should be followed. 

Nose And Sinus Tumors
Malign and benign tumors can be seen in sinus in and around nose. Tumors called as “Papilloma” are seen as benign. Malign tumor can be observed in papilloma. More rarely seen benign tumors include osteom, fibrom, neurinoma. Although they are not real tumors, mucocele being fluid-filled cysts results in tumor-like complaints. Malign tumor type most frequently seen in sinus is squamous cell cancer. Adenoid cystic cancer, mucoepidermoid cancer, adenocancer, melanoma, lymphoma, osteosarcoma and chondrosarcoma are seen more rarely.