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Tonsil and adenoid is the parts of tissue circle in throat with tongue base tonsillar. Tonsils are the gland having functions related to the immune system on both sides of throat. 

For the tonsillectomy, tonsillitis should be chronic, result in repeated otitis media and bronchitis, recurrence, exacerbation of diseases such as allergic cold, asthma, arthralgia, rheumatismal cardiac diseases, glomerulonephritis (renal disease) or other diseases. In addition to this, operation is performed if enlarged tonsil lead to difficulty in breathing, infection is not necessary.

Adenoid grows fast as of birth. Big adenoid prevents breathing by nose, deteriorates ear and sinus discharge and may result in hearing loss, snoring, mouth breathing, night coughing, nasal discharge. If tonsil and adenoid enlargement and frequent infections in this area narrow the upper respiratory tract, snoring and being out of breath while sleeping called as “sleep apnea” may occur. If medication does not response, tonsillectomy and adenoid operation is recommended.