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If there is the mark, pain and labor pain is experienced with contraction, water has come, it means that delivery has started. When labor pain starts, if it repeats once every 4-5 minute, you need to be at the hospital.

Baby and mother’s uterus may be exposed to microbes when amniotic sac tears. For this reason, when the water is felt or doubted, even if there is no pain or labor pain, you need to go to hospital. The pregnant will feel the initial contraction within 12 hours after amniotic sac has torn. In addition to this, start of delivery may take longer. However, the physician may initiate the labor by induction based on the condition. 

At our clinic, labors are, 
Normal delivery (with epidural anesthesia)
Water birth
Cesarean (with epidural anesthesia) 
 You can get preliminary preparation with the program of “Mother Class” for normal delivery and water birth.