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Vitreoretinal surgery is the removal of gel agent behind the eye (vitreus) and it is a procedure enabling us to eliminate problems of retina surgically. The most frequent indications include diabetic retinopathy, retina decollement, vitreus bleeding and macula hole.

Vitreoretinal surgical procedures performed under local or general anesthesia takes for 90-120 minutes. Rear of the eye is accessed by 3 lacerations 0,5 mm in the eye wall in this surgery applied with and without suture. Gel in the eye (vitreus) is cleaned by a probe that can perform 5000 lacerations in a minute and procedures to eliminate problems of retina are carried out. Serum, gas or silicon oil is inserted in the eye during surgery and sometimes the patients are requested lying down at a certain position for some time. The cases that gas is inserted in the eye cannot Travel by plane till the gas is absorbed. For the patients with silicon gas, they need to remove silicone gas soon. The most significant factor determining the success possibility of this operation is the type and severity of problem of retina. The vision may improve after a long time or the total improvement may not occur. It should be known that more than one procedure may be necessary for some cases. Vitreoretinal surgical procedures requiring experienced surgeon and good equipment are performed with the state -of-the art technology units at Kent Hospital.