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Ageing is often associated with deepening of lines on a face and mostly unwanted wrinkles upsetting a patient. A wide of range factors play a role in formation of these wrinkles. Normal ageing and damages of solar rays, effects of gravity and facial mimic muscle movements are the leading among the factors.  

Forehead lines between eyebrows and lines running downwards from both sides of mouth are sensitive issues considered by many patients because these lines not only give a old look but also give moodiness and anger expression on their faces. These "mimic lines" are primarily caused by distinctive facial muscle movements and they can be reduced or eliminated with botox treatment. Botox is very effective on remarkable lines on neck and lines such as "goose foot" on the edge of eyes. Botox is Botolinum Toxin A extracted with natural means from processed C. Botulinum microbe and treated for medical use. Botox becomes effective by freeze certain muscles (otherwise it loses its effectiveness) and it prevents folding and formation of such lines on the skin.