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This is an operation of removing fat together with excess skin and muscle over bottom or top of eyelids. With the help of eyelid operation, old and tired look is cleared up and lower top lids and swollen vesicles under eyes preventing vision quality can be corrected. However, it does not remove laugh line wrinkles or other wrinkles, dark rings under eyes and sagging eyebrows. This can be both performed alone and can be performed together with other face surgeries such as face lift or eye brow lift.

The candidates persons for eyelid operations are generally women and men over 35-years of age and having proper bodily health and balance psychological health and realistic about their expectations. In addition, the persons with sagging and vesicle eyelids may need eyelid aesthetics for younger look. 

If eyelid surgeries are performed by qualified plastic surgeons, complications are rarely encountered. Reactions against infection or anesthesia are possible complications. Complication formation risk may be reduced during recovery process by considering the recommendations of the doctor before and after the operation. 

Overview of Surgery
Applied Surgical Intervention: Removing and clearing up excess skin-fat and muscles of sagging and vesicles in upper and lower eyelids.

Duration of surgery: 30 minutes - 2 hours
Anesthesia conditions: General Anesthesia, local anesthesia under sedation
Hospital stay: No hospital stay; it is followed temporarily for a while or hospital stay may be 1 day.
Possible discomforts: Temporary feeling of tightness and purpleness, eye dryness or ageing, temporary itching in eyes
Risks: Bleeding (intake of the drugs increasing bleeding before 2 weeks should be discontinued) infection, retraction rarely in lower lid.
Recovery period:
Back to work: 7-10 days,
Reading: 3rd day
Contact lenses use: 2nd week
Full disappearance of purpleness 2 weeks