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This covers aesthetic surgery and interventions performed for rehabilitating face and body beauty. Objective in aesthetic surgeries is to remove discomforting factors from a person in his/her body and to make him/her happier. 

Frequently performed operations and interventions within the scope of Aesthetic Surgery: 

 • Face renovation, rejuvenation (face lift, eyelid and circumoral revision, treatment of wrinkles)
 • Operations for reduction of skin and subcutaneous fat tissue (liposuction, lipectomy)
 • Tummy lift (abdominoplasty)
 • Aesthetic breast surgery (augmentation, reduction and lift)
 • Jaw augmentation and reduction (mentoplasty)
 • Correcting irregularities such as wounds in the skin
 • Aesthetic and functional nose correction (rhinoplasty, septorhinoplasty)
 • Endoscopic face and forehead lift, eyebrow lifting
 • Eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty)
 • Correcting of prominent ears and other aesthetic problems in prominent ears
 • Hair transplantation and replacements
 • Laser applications (Face peeling, removal of stains and vascular malformations)
 • Leg contour correction (with fat removal, injections or leg implants) 
 • Skin care and interventions 

It is of extreme importance to resort to specialist plastic surgery and aesthetic surgeons in aesthetic surgical operations. Moreover, for excellent result, firstly, expectations from aesthetic surgery should be realistic. Note that that surgeon performing surgery is well-chosen, patient is aware of surgery methods and risk and quality of healthcare institution where surgery will be performed will enhance success rate of surgery. Excellent results can be only achieved by a harmonious patient knowing what s/he wants and a physician knows what to do, respecting scientific and ethical rules.