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This is a congenital deformity. Since lip and palate develop separately, lip and palate clefts may be characterized in different types in babies. 

Cleft Lip Surgery
Cleft lip may largely vary between a small notch in the upper lip and a full cleft extended to nose base. Cleft may be single sided or may be present on both sides of lip. Surgical intervention is generally performed in 6-10 week-old babies.  In order to repair cleft lip, muscle repair is performed following the incision to be made on both sides of cleft. Oral mucosa and skin repair is made and cleft can be closed. Thus, normal lip shape may be formed. Surgical treatment of cleft lip is of high importance since it especially impacts nutritional quality. 

Cleft Palate Surgery 
This is characterized as sometimes "a small notch" in some babies and sometimes a large cleft extended to lip area.  Repair of cleft palate in babies is performed between 3-12 months. During surgical repair, tissues on the edge are approximated with incisions made on both sides cleft towards mid line and palate integrity is ensured. During this repair, soft palate muscles are repaired and in this way, it becomes easier for child to speak and to be fed.