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It is the unit where all tests and treatments of patients from newborn to geriatric patients with life critical condition are carried out. 21 intensive care beds at general, coronary and cardiovascular intensive care are equipped with the state-of-the art technology equipment. All anesthesia and intensive care services at Kent Hospital are rendered in accordance with the procedure of anesthesia and intensive care.

Patient profile
1.Intensive care diagnosis and supportive treatment services
2. Polytrauma patients 
3. Acute and chronic intoxication
4. Head traumas 
5. Thorax traumas 
6. massive bleeding and hemorrhagic shock
7. Unconscious patients
8. Acute respiratory failure for any reasons
9. Chronic lung diseases with respiratory failure (e.g: KOAH)
10. Severe infections, sepsis, septic shock
11. Motor-muscle nerve system diseases (Myastenia gravis, guillian barre etc.)
12. CPR patients
13. Cardiac failure, MI, cardiogenic shock
14. Tetanus, botulismus and food poisoning,
15. Severe endocrine disorders causing vital function disorder,
16. Neurological patients under vital threat (e.g: cerebrovascular cases)
17. Patients having critical surgeries and needing post-operative care and treatment

1. Endotracheal incubation and difficult incubation techniques
2. Mechanical ventilator therapy and breathing exercises
3. Invasive monitorization (Central venous pressure, pulmonary artery catheter, CO measurement, arterial monitorization)
4. Percutaneous dilatation trachestomy
5. Planning enteral and parenteral nutrition
6. Continuous arterio-venous hemodiafiltration
7. Blood gas measurement and assessment 
8. CPR practices and advance support treatment 
9. Fiber optic bronchoscopy