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The pain functions as the stimulation system in the body. The pain of patient should be evaluated by the physician firstly.
Every patient may feel the pain in different degrees due to pain threshold. The pain restricts the activities of the patient. Chronic pain leads to non-moving of the patient for a long time and accordingly losing power and efficiency. Since diagnosis of chronic pain is difficult, treatment is difficult, also. For this reason, it should be addressed as a team work by the physicians. The patient should be assessed in terms of medical, physical and emotional aspects. 

Treatment Methods 

“Analgesics” in other words pain killers are the medicines used to prevent the pain directly. Analgesics are grouped into three classes.
1 – Medicines changing the pain perception in central nervous system: the prototype of these medicines is morphine. These medicines are generally used for severe pains originating from internal organs, severe pains due to burn and tissue damage and cancer pains.
2 – Medicines used for musculoskeletal system pains: The prototype of these medicines is aspirin. In addition to the features of pain killer, they have the effects of reducing fever and eliminating inflammation.
3 – Local anesthetic medicines: If administered to the nerve body locally, they will pause the conduction of stimulus to all nerve fibers. They are the frequently used medicines in dental practices. 
Morphine type of analgesics can be classified by the narcotics and divided into two groups as “narcotic analgesics” and “non-narcotic analgesics”.